Welcome to the cooking page of suziragsdale.com!  I wanted to post the equivalent of a bio on this page, as I have biographies of my experience on the music and yoga pages.  This one’s unique in that I really have no credentials other than having experimented in the kitchen since I was a little girl.  I’ve always heard that experience is the best teacher…


Having worked in several restaurants in Nashville through my late teens and early 20s, I became familiar with cooking for a crowd.  Add to that the necessity of making economical and healthy dishes and my cooking style begins to take shape.  Chemistry of ingredients and timing of preparation are key.


From intimate dinners for two to parties of sixty, I’ve spent years collecting and inventing recipes to please, while embracing shortcuts and methods of stretching ingredients to their fullest potential and usefulness.  No expense spared for the perfect dish but nothing ever going to waste – waste not, want not, right?


Beyond sustenance, the goal is to be entertained, not only by tasting the result of the love and care you’ve put into feeding yourself and your guests, but also by the creative process.  In my kitchen, spicy, robust flavors, fresh ingredients and creativity rule.

And love, always,


Foolproof Asian Fishcakes

Great with salads, poached eggs... as an appetizer or main course!

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