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During her high school years as a dancer, Suzi traveled to New York to study Jazz and Modern dance with legends such as Twila Tharp, Mary Anthony & Nat Horne.  In the mid-80’s, while working on her songwriting, she supplemented her income by becoming certified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  For the next 18 years, Suzi taught group cardio and weight training classes at many health clubs in Nashville and Memphis, TN.

During an eight year hiatus from teaching, Suzi began her yoga practice and was amazed at it’s many benefits to strength, flexibility and state of mind.  In 2007, she traveled to Santa Monica for eight long weekends to obtain her certification as a yoga teacher with renowned television guru, Steve Ross (Inhale on the Oxygen Network) and accomplished Hatha yoga teacher, William Duprey.

In addition to standing group classes at the YMCA, Suzi teaches private yoga sessions at her home studio in Nashville and continues to strengthen her yoga practice through workshops and retreats.  Her classes are earmarked by humor, a relaxed style and always, great music.

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