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About Suzi's Music




At the pianoNashville native, Suzi Ragsdale virtually cut her teeth in the recording studio. Her dad a singer/songwriter as well, she grew up surrounded by music. At age 5, she sang with the kiddie chorus on her father Ray Stevens’ Grammy Award winning smash, “Everything Is Beautiful”. At 10, she began recording children’s albums and writing her own songs… by 13, she was singing other writers’ demos… & by 17 singing in local clubs.

In 1990, Suzi began collaborating with Verlon Thompson and the two produced 4 albums for their own VNS Records. They also joined Guy Clark’s band and played and sang on Guy’s albums such as Boats to Build (1992), Dublin Blues (1995) and Keepers (1997). Suzi can also be heard singing and/or playing on six of Darrell Scott’s seven albums from 1996 to the present. Darrell produced Suzi’s 1998 album Future Past, and both he and Verlon accompanied her on it.

Since 1990, Suzi Ragsdale’s vocal work has appeared on discs by Suzy Bogguss, Pam Tillis, David Ball, Hank Williams Jr., Joy Lynn White, Tom Paxton, Ian Tyson, Jo-El Sonnier and many others. During this same time period, her songs were recorded by stars such as Anne Murray, Billy Dean, Pam Tillis, Mila Mason, Suzy Bogguss, Lari White, Lisa Brokop and the rock twins Nelson. From 1991 to present, she’s collaborated in studio & on stage with Darrell Scott.

In 2008, Suzi launched Stark Raven Records and in March of ’09, released her first project, Best Regards. She is currently working on her second project.

“Best Regards is just the right mix of wisdom, whimsy and white wine. My advice is to listen in your kitchen. There’s a lot of hers in the music.” — Rodney Crowell

“Backed by sophisticated arrangements and innovative sonic textures, she performs a collection of strikingly original tunes. An absolutely stunning achievement.” — Robert K. Oermann, Music Row magazine


Suzi – vocals, keyboards and accordion
Jared Tyler or Mike Payne – acoustic & electric guitar and mandolin
Jellyroll Johnson – harmonica
Matt McKenzie or Tony Lucido – bass
Kenny Malone or Ben Phillips – drums and percussion
(occasionally) Amanda Shires – violin


Suzi Ragsdale, “Future Past”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Verlon Thompson & Suzi Ragsdale, “Anything Goes”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Piano
Verlon Thompson & Suzi Ragsdale, “Out Of Our Hands”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Piano
Verlon Thompson, “Out At The Barn”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Verlon Thompson, “Verlon Thompson”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Guy Clark, “Boats to Build”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Guy Clark, “Dublin Blues”, Harmony Vocals
Guy Clark, “Keepers”, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Guy Clark, “Best of the Sugar Hill Years”, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Darrell Scott, “Aloha from Nashville”, Harmony Vocals
Darrell Scott, “Family Tree”, Harmony Vocals
Darrell Scott, “Theatre of the Unheard”, Harmony Vocals
Darrell Scott, “The Invisible Man”, Harmony Vocals
Darrell Scott, “Modern Hymns”, Harmony Vocals
Wayne Scott, “This Weary Way”, Harmony Vocals
Pam Tillis, “Sweetheart’s Dance”, Harmony Vocals
Pam Tillis, “All of This Love”, Harmony Vocals
Pam Tillis, “Greatest Hits”, Harmony Vocals
Pam Tillis, “Every Time”, Harmony Vocals
Pam Tillis, “RCA Country Legends”, Harmony Vocals
Suzy Bogguss, “Something Up My Sleeve”, Harmony Vocals
Randy Travis, “This Is Me”, Harmony Vocals
Randy Travis, “Trail of Memories: The Randy Travis Anthology”, Harmony Vocals
Randy Travis, “Very Best of Randy Travis”, Harmony Vocals
Ian Tyson, “Eighteen Inches of Rain”, Harmony Vocals
Ian Tyson, “All the Good ‘uns”, Harmony Vocals
Tom Paxton, “Wearing the Time”, Harmony Vocals
Tom Paxton, “Comedians & Angels”, Harmony Vocals
David Ball, “Thinkin’ Problem”, Harmony Vocals
Joy Lynn White, “Between Midnight & Hindsight”, Harmony Vocals
Joy Lynn White, “Wild Love” Harmony Vocals
Joy Lynn White, “Lucky Few”, Harmony Vocals
Joy Lynn White, “One More Time”, Vocal Group Member, Harmony Vocals
Johnsmith, “Break Me Open”, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Jellyroll Johnson, “Jelly Roll Johnson and a Few Close Friends”, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Ray Stevens, “Me”, Vocals
Tall Paul, “Voodoo Doll”, Accordion
Hank Williams, Jr., “Maverick”, Harmony Vocals
Confederate Railroad, “Confederate Railroad”, Harmony Vocals
Confederate Railroad, “Greatest Hits (Atlantic)”, Harmony Vocals
Confederate Railroad, “Notorious” Harmony Vocals
Confederate Railroad, “Rockin’ Country Party Pack”, Harmony Vocals
Jenn Adams, “In the Pool”, Harmony Vocals
Clay Greenberg, “Tumbleweed” Accordion
Mike Gouchie, “Bad Boys & Angels”, Harmony Vocals
Various Artists, “Sugar Hill Records: A Retrospective (Box Set)”, Harmony Vocals
Various Artists, “Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman”, Accordion
Various Artists, “No Song, No Supper: Sugar Hill Singer-Songwriters”, Harmony Vocals, Accordion
Various Artists, “Mother Queen of My Heart: A Collection of Songs”, Harmony Vocals
Various Artists, “Vanguard Collector’s Edition”, Harmony Vocals
Various Artists, “NASCAR: Runnin’ Wide Open”, Harmony Vocals
Various Artists, “Signatures III: A Song Writer’s Album”, Harmony Vocals